Medipim BE - API V4

Developer documentation

POST /v4/corrections/query

(Last updated: 18/06/2024)







  • filter: one of the filters below; filters can be combined using and, or & not. (optional)
  • sorting: one of the sortings below. (optional; default is {"id": "ASC"})
  • page (optional; if none is provided all results are returned)
    • no: page number (zero-based)
    • size: one of 10, 50, 100 or 250 (defaults to 100)
Filter Description Parameters Examples
{"product": ...} Matches corrections by product. Medipim product ID {"product": "M1A2B3C4D5"}
{"status": ...} Matches corrections by status. Possible values: "open", "in_progress" or "handled". {"status": "open"}
{"organization": ...} Matches corrections by organization. Medipim organization ID {"organization": 1}
{"search": ...} Matches corrections by a specific search query. String {"search": "somesearchterm"}
{"locale": ...} Matches corrections by language. Locale {"locale": "nl"} or {"locale": ["nl", "fr"]}
{"type": ...} Matches corrections by type. Correction Type {"type": "missing_photo"}
{"createdBy": ...} Matches corrections by user. Medipim user ID {"createdBy": 1}
{"createdAt": ...} Matches corrections created since the given time. Unix timestamp. {"createdAt": 1471525605} or {"createdAt": {"from": 1471525605, "until": 1571525605}}
{"and": [...]} Matches corrections that match all of the given filters. A list of filters. {"and": [{"product": "M1A2B3C4D5"}, {"search": "test"}]}
{"or": [...]} Matches corrections that match any of the given filters. A list of filters. {"or": [{"product": "M1A2B3C4D5"}, {"search": "test"}]}
{"not": ...} Matches corrections that do not match the given filter. A filter. {"not": {"status": "open"}}
Sorting Description Parameters Examples
{"touchedAt": ...} Sort by last updated time "ASC" or "DESC" {"touchedAt": "ASC"} or {"touchedAt": "DESC"}



  • meta:
    • total: total number of corrections (integer)
    • page:
      • no: page number (zero-based) (integer)
      • offset: offset of the first item in the entire resultset (integer)
      • size: size of the page (integer)
  • results[]:
    • id: Medipim ID of the correction (integer, unique)
    • product: Medipim ID of the product (string)
    • cnk: CNK of the product (integer)
    • locale: Language of the correction (string)
    • type: Correction Type (string)
    • text: Feedback text (string)
    • status: Correction status ("open", "in_progress", "handled")
    • meta:
      • createdAt: When the correction was added to Medipim. (unix timestamp)
      • updatedAt: The last time the correction was modified. (unix timestamp)


The meta page section will only be returned if you added a page in the request body.