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(Last updated: 30/01/2023)

Is v4 of the Medipim API backwards compatible with previous versions?

The 4th version of our API is not compatible with previous version of the API. We have implemented breaking changes to reflect updates in the logical structure of product information, and to address technical/usability issues in previous api versions.

Documentation for previous versions:

Product Identifiers

Not all products have a CNK code.
If you need to have a unique code for a product, you should use the Medipim product ID.

Products can have multiple EAN codes; Europe also intended to use this as a cross country unique product code. In reality this code has duplicates...


The platform supports the native languages in Belgium;
We have also included English as this is the most common language among web development.

Possible values are: nl, fr, en or de

Localized fields will always look like:

Target groups

The content on Medipim is designed for multiple target groups.

Product descriptions

Description types

HTML content

Tags that are not allowed (or invalid html) are stripped from the content.
Allowed html tags and their allowed properties: